Good vs. Great CEOs
10 Mar 2018

Good vs. Great CEOs

There is a huge distinction between the CEOs who are playing to win and those merely playing to play.

The playing to win transformation happens when you consciously acknowledge your current position, design alternatives and choose the optimal strategy for your business.

This is why A.G. Lafely was a highly celebrated CEO of P&G. Becoming the CEO during a challenging time, the transformation he initiated was based on five-questions flow that helped P&G formulate and communicate new strategies efficiently.

The Playing to Win formula he shared in his book is composed of choosing:

1. What is our winning aspiration?

2. Where will we play?

3. How will we win?

4. What capabilities must we have in place to win?

5. What management systems are required to support our choices?

A clearn transformation of this flow happened with “Oil of Olay” a skin care product from P&G, which used to be an old and tried product sold for $3.99 USD for aging women, by the time P&G decided to dominate the beauty business, they noticed that the average age of their consumers is increasing one year in every yearly report.

P&G had to question its strategy, they went through the process of defining their options and making choices, as a result they graduated Olay Total Effects which sold for $18.99 USD and created a new pillar for P&G in the beauty industry.

That’s why Egypreneur Academy’s Competitive Strategy Workshop. We are going through the Oil of Olay Transformation and following the exact same steps to help you initiate a transformation for your business.

If you haven’t secured your seat yet, visit The Competitive Strategy Workshop page and signup at the form or request a call back with more details.

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Abdo Magdy

Group CEO at EGY Enterprises Ltd. President at Egypreneur

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